Child and Adolescent Research Moving towards Alternative Interventions (CARMA) GLOBAL

CARMA GLOBAL is a cross-sectional, multi-country, multi-site, low interventional study expected to involve 93 perinatally-infected children, adolescents and youth who started ART at 3 months of age or younger, at least 7 years ago and are currently in care on ART. Participants will be recruited  at 8 clinical sites in South Africa, Mozambique, Mali, Uganda and Thailand.

CARMA GLOBAL is expected  to begin in June 2022 and to end inJune 2023

The CARMA GLOBAL study aims to characterize the functionality of the viral reservoir in early-treated children who have been on ART for 7 or more years and who are currently suppressed.

Only a subset of early-treated children attain and sustain viral suppression with ART. However, among those who do, a smaller subset have low and undetectable viral reservoirs of presumed limited functionality. These children may be ideal candidates who might benefit from novel interventions that could lead to remission.

The CARMA Global study is sponsored by Penta.