EPIICAL at the 23rd International AIDS Conference

The 23rd International AIDS Conference take virtually place from today to July 10th. Attendants have the possibility to engage with the latest HIV science, advocacy and knowledge and also to hear about recent data on COVID-19 and HIV during the Virtual COVID-19 Conference that will be held on July 10th-11th.

EPIICAL Project will contribute to the conference with two posters presenting data related to the immune-response in early-treated HIV-infected children.

  • De Rossi A, Dalzini A, Ballin G, et al. The size of HIV reservoir is associated with telomere shortening and immunosenescence in early ART-treated HIV-infected children. Oral presentation
  • Ruggiero A, Cotugno N, Domínguez-Rodríguez S,  Zicari S, Rinaldi S, Zangari P, Tagarro A, Foster C, De Rossi A, Nastouli E, Luzuriaga K, Giaquinto C, Rossi P, Pawha S, Palma P, on behalf of the EPIICAL consortium. Aging B-cells (ABC) and anti-Env humoral responses are associated with T-bet expression in B-cells of perinatally HIV infected children (PHIV) treated within 24 months of life (the CARMA cohort). Poster
  • Domínguez-Rodríguez S, Tagarro A, Serna Pascual M, Otwombe K, Violari A, Fernández S, Nhampossa T, Lain M,  Vaz P , Behuhuma NO, Danaviah S, Dobbels E, Barnabas S, Cotugno N, Zangari P, Palma P, Oletto A,  Nardone A, Nastouli E, Spyer M, Kuhn L, Rossi P, Giaquinto C, Rojo P on behalf of EPIICAL consortium. A Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Probability of Death or Disease Progression in an Early-Treated Pediatric African cohort. Poster

Congratulation to all authors!

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