Workpackage 1

Implementation of Early treated cohorts and Retention strategies

In order to design immunotherapeutic treatments toward HIV remission, it is of paramount importance to have cohorts of children whose immunological and virological characteristics are well studied.  In the first phase of EPIICAL, we have identified and selected the sites and population where to conduct early-stage clinical trials. This has been one of the key milestones of EPIICAL

The purpose of WG1 within the EPIICAL 2020-2024 is to maintain and coordinate these cohorts over the next 4 years. We want to generate data to improve different type of biomarkers, that define better what happens to these patients and when is the right time for intervention.

We have included new cohorts of early treated children with long-term viral suppression in an ambitious program named CARMA global. Perinatally HIV infected children who are in care on antiretroviral treatments and followed up in Africa and Thailand will be in depth studied in order to identify correlates of persisting viral reservoir.

We will also implement a social behavioral research study, with the aim to address the adherence and retention issues that affect our clinical studies.

People: Pablo Rojo; Louise Kuhn; Mark Cotton