The CARMA Study: Children on early suppressive ART Total HIV-1 DNA quantitation 12 years post ART initiation.

Authors: C. Foster, S. Dominguez, A. Tagarro, E. Nastouli, R. Gkouleli, J. Heaney, P. Palma, P. Rossi, C. Giaquinto, P. Rojo


This following poster was presented by Pablo Rojo at IAS 2019 on behalf of the EPIICAL consortium.

Background: Future strategies aimed at achieving antiretroviral therapy (ART)-free HIV remission are likely to target individuals with a limited size of viral reservoir. We investigated factors associated with a low reservoir measured as total HIV-1 DNA in PBMCs in perinatally infected children (PaHIV) from 5 European centers in the EPIICAL consortium.