WP2: Implementation of the Clinical Platform.

The development of a mathematical model that can predict the response to early starting of antiretroviral treatment and to treatment interruptions is a major novel insight of the EPIICAL project and the aim of WP2.

The EPIICAL Consortium has unique access to a significant number of data from cohorts of vertically HIV-infected children early treated and who experienced treatment discontinuation. Starting from the collection of data from such cohorts we are able to build a mathematical model in order to predict the response of a patient to different therapeutic strategies and to understand factors associated with the best control profile. This model will be refined and feed by new immunological and virological data obtained from available samples from existing cohorts and analyzed with innovative techniques provided from WP3 and WP4.

WP2 will have a major role in setting up a clinical platform/network to be involved in larger randomized clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy of the most promising Novel Disease Modifying Therapies (NDMTs).

The population associated with the best virological control profile will be identified to select the candidates for the Proof of Concept study (WP5).

Pablo Rojo – WP2 Leader

Pablo Rojo is a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist of Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain. He is also Associate Professor of Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. He obtained his MD and PhD from Complutense University.