WP3: Virological Platform

WP3 is structured to provide new markers of viral control in vertically HIV-infected children treated within the first months of life. Thanks to the partnership of virologists with a long-lasting experience in the field of HIV infection we aim to evaluate the quantification and characterization of the size of the viral reservoir with novel optimized techniques.

New virological data obtained from available samples of existing cohorts will be used to feed the predictive model (WP2) to identify novel profiles related with virological control.

We aim to provide not only a static virological picture but more importantly provide unique virological data on the dynamics and the evolution of the reservoir following early antiretroviral treatment initiation and interruption.

Since currently there is no robust evidence to suggest a unique marker to quantify the size of HIV viral reservoir, our goal is to identify the most informative virological markers to be used in the Proof of Concept studies as well as in future larger clinical trials.