WP4: Immunological Platform

The immunological platform aims at identifying novel profiles of immunity of vertically HIV infected children treated early after birth.

Taking advantage of the existing and long lasting scientific collaborations among the partners involved within the PENTA network, we will be able to dissect the immune system of unique cohort of early treated children at multiple levels: from gene sequence, to gene transcription, to proteins output and cellular and antibodies functions.

The innovation and the additional value of the immunological platform will be provided by merging these characteristics with virological results (WP3) through the mathematical model (WP2). These data will provide novel immune profiles able to predict  viral control after treatment intervention with novel disease modifying therapies.



We plan to optimise immunological protocols tailored to the paediatric population. Circulation of data, protocols and scientists within the platform will further improve innovation of the procedures further pursuing technology transfer.

With the EPIICAL consortium and through the input received by the implementation of the clinical platform (WP2) we now have the great opportunity to validate on existing cohorts of vertically infected children, immunological and virological correlates of viral control after treatment initiation and viral rebound after treatment interruption.


Paolo Palma – WP Leader

Immunological studies on available samples from existing cohorts will inform procedures allowing the design of specific PoC studies further improving our ability to provide innovative and sensitive results.