WP5: Predictive Platform and setting up of Proof of Concept Studies

The final goal of the EPIICAL project is to establish a predictive platform to inform treatment strategies for children living with HIV, aiming towards ART-free remission, based on proof of concept (PoC) studies. After identification of the virological, immunological and transcriptomic correlates in early treated existing cohorts (WP2, WP3 and WP4), we will evaluate the capacity of most promising Novel Disease Modifying Therapies (NDMTs) to reproduce the profile associated with the best virological control.

In PoC studies we will validate novel markers as endpoints to be used in future larger clinical trials.

WP5 will have a major role in setting up a research platform developed from proof of concept studies and in preparing the study protocols. These will be designed with assistance from the PENTA Clinical Trial Unit, renowned for its vast experience with the conduct of clinical trials aimed at pathogenesis and treatment of HIV infection in children.

This innovative approach will strengthen the capacity for discovery, development and initial testing of new therapeutic strategies aimed to HIV remission.