Earth study enrols 150 patients


Earth study enrols 150 patients!

The Earth study has enrolled its 150th patient in Bamako, Mali. A huge congratulations to Bamako and all sites involved in the Earth study.

The Earth study – Cohort of Early Anti-Retroviral Treatment in HIV-perinatally infected Children – is a prospective multicenter, low-interventional study of HIV+ perinatally infected children on sustained suppressive antiretroviral therapy started before 3 months of age.

The Earth study’s primary aim is to engage in care and monitor clinical, virological and immunological features of early treated children in limited-resource settings. This is, ultimately, in order to identify potential participants in proof-of-concept trials directed towards a HIV cure.

With 150 patients enrolled into the study, we are now one step closer to achieving our aim of improving HIV care.

The Earth study is firmly nested in the goals of EPIICAL (early treated perinatally HIV infected individuals: improving children’s actual life), which is the world’s largest consortium dedicated to science of HIV remission. The EPIICAL consortium represents a community made of people affected by HIV, healthcare workers, scientists, researchers, Independent Scientific Advisors and pharma representatives, all working together to develop and apply data to inform novel therapeutic strategies in perinatally HIV-infected children to reach HIV remission.

A massive thank you to all enrolling sites!

But we’re not stopping there…. we are now focusing on reaching our new target of 300 patients.